Have you ever had a Panic Attack? Have you ever been so overwhelmed by Anxiety and Worries that you begin to Panic?  Truth is everyone has.  For some of us it happens more often than we'd like.  AttackPanic.org, part of the KNOW Worries Group, is a nonprofit organization intended to initiate and promote the dialogue about Anxiety and Panic Disorder.  By building a self-supporting network of others, just like you, we can truly attack the panic rather than the panic attacking you.


Our Stories

Our stories are a collection of essays written by brave individuals who have chosen to share their story for the betterment of others.  Often times it's hard to relive and share such personal feelings, however we have found that there is no better way to help others begin to understand their own anxiety and worries than by reading about others who have.

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Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Anxiety and Panic Disorder can be expressed in many different ways.  Some people lash out, some people clam up.  Some people show their anxiety and worries all over their face and some people show nothing.  Each person handles, manages and expresses their anxiety and worries differently.  Because of this, diagnosing this disorder and thus finding the proper professional medical help can be difficult.

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Our Multimedia

Videos are a powerful tool to present thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions.  In our collection we will present unique perspectives on anxiety and worries as we try to better understand why we worry, how to cope and what we can do about it.  A smattering of presentations, video journals, and produced pieces will create a place to continue learning and understanding of these powerful feelings.

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